Life and Death of Saint Matthew

The Apostle Matthew, a major person in the early Christian community, was instrumental in propagating Jesus Christ’s teachings. Matthew’s shift from a tax collector to an evangelist, born in Nazareth of Galilee, is a captivating story of transformation and unyielding dedication to Christianity.

Matthew spent most of his childhood in Capernaum, where he worked as a tax collector, collecting tolls or contributions from travelers crossing the Sea of Galilee.

Despite the societal shame associated with his trade, Matthew’s life was transformed when he accepted the call to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

Life and Death of Saint Matthew

Discipleship and Gospel Writing

In answer to the divine invitation, Matthew demonstrated extraordinary obedience, leaving his occupation and possessions behind to follow Jesus. Matthew preached the gospel in Judea for approximately nine years, both during Christ’s mission and after his ascension.

Recognizing the importance of preserving Christ’s teachings, Matthew wrote his gospel in Hebrew before going to preach among the Gentiles. This gospel was an important resource for his Jewish converts, providing them with a written account of Jesus’ life, teachings, and miracles.

Missionary Journeys and Church Establishment

Matthew’s missionary enthusiasm drove him to travel extensively, with Ethiopia being a major destination. In Ethiopia, he not only converted a large number of people but also played an important part in the establishment of multiple churches. His lectures had a great impact on the region, creating a lasting legacy.

Continued Success in Parthia: Continuing his mission, Matthew proceeded into Parthia, where he had similar success disseminating the Christian word. His ability to communicate with a wide range of listeners demonstrated his commitment to the gospel’s global nature.

Tragic End and Commemoration

Matthew’s missionary voyage ended tragically at Madabar, Ethiopia, in the year A.D. 60. He was slaughtered with a halberd as a martyr, the climax of his unrelenting commitment to preaching the Christian faith.

The 21st of September is marked to commemorate Matthew’s sacrifice, celebrating his life, ministry, and the enduring effect of his gospel.

His written story continues to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for Christians all around the world, providing a unique viewpoint on Jesus Christ’s life and teachings.


The life of the Apostle Matthew exemplifies the transformational power of faith and the great impact one person can have in spreading the Christian message.

Matthew’s journey displays devotion, determination, and a great sense of purpose in furthering the teachings of Jesus Christ, from his early days as a tax collector to his function as an evangelist and gospel writer.